» Can I get a catalog of your products?
At this time we do have a catalog for our praise dance wear selections.
 » How do I know when I will receive the order?
During business days, you will be notified by e-mail within hours after you placed your order about the availability of your order and delivery schedule.
 » Can we shop at your retail store and are the internet prices good at the store?
You can shop at our retail store in Atlanta. However, the internet prices are not applicable at the store. You are expected to pay retail prices.
 » What happens when I order dance shoe based on your recommendation and it does not fit? Who pays for shipping charges?
You pay the shipping charges. We offer you the fitting information for your convenience based on the manufacturers` guidelines and our 15 years of experience in fitting dance shoes in our stores. However, we do not guarantee its accuracy.
 » I am a beginner for pointe classes. Can I order pointe shoe based on fitting information provided by you?
We strongly recommend getting fitted by a proffesional or by your teacher before ordering your first pair of pointe shoe. You need to know your exact pointe shoe size and the width and the maker of that particular pointe shoe.
 » What does it mean that it fits one size bigger than or smaller than street shoe size?
One size bigger means: If you wear size 7 street shoe size then you will take size 8 in dance shoe size. One size smaller means: Just the opposite of the above example. If you wear size 7 street shoe size then you will take size 6 in dance shoe.

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